Global. Online. Banking.

Mercury offers personal and business accounts that are easy to open and can hold 40+ currencies.

A Mercury account makes sending, receiving and transacting across currencies cheaper, faster and easier.

Global multi-office regulated fintech firm featuring:

Transactional banking (personal or business)

Bank accounts created in your name or your business's name

ZAR outbound payments with complimentary tax certificate and exchange control guidance

RMB cross-border settlement

English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Afrikaans, Beijing Standard Time, GMT, South Africa Standard Time

Mercury e-accounts attached to SWIFT, SEPA Instant and UK Faster Payments networks

Bank-beating FX rates

Work limit and stop orders electronically 24/7

Hedge currency market risk up to one year forward

Problems we solve


Mercury can open accounts in your name or your business’s name. Free-to-have, available online, and holds 40+ currencies.

I can’t send or receive currency payments easily, quickly and at great exchange rates.

My counterparty won’t transact with me using a third-party account that isn’t held in my name or my company’s name.

I would like to set up accounts for my clients, but my bank won't assist me.

I’m struggling to open a bank account overseas for myself or my business.

I do business in Asia and struggle to move my money efficiently.

I need help moving money out of South Africa and I’m getting nowhere fast.

My bank does not want to accept any funds that relate to cryptocurrencies or crypto trading.

I have a complex business structure and no bank will open an account for me.

I can’t get hold of a human being at my bank.